Our Story

Email marketing has been The most successfull model for 90% of the B2B business since 2004. Despite several new methods of brand building has come into the marketing world, nothing has replaced email response which resulted in, leads, enquiry, appointments, calls, client engagement, credentials and rapid increase in the bottom line revenue. Company using decision makers emails has grown year after year and are still growing. The annual investment on email campaign and email list has exceeded $30 billion across the globe, several stats acknowledges and publishes. We have helped companies which are one man show to fortune 100.

Our technology based database/prospects lists/leads has the best ROI and our clients have seen significant growth. Among other degital marketing strategies using emails and campaigning has immediate results in building the pipeline and closing the deal is faster in this method.

Email campaign is the cheapest method for reach out to prospects, send new letters, get repeat customers, work on a longterm module, have a global reach, global presense, communicate and close. Not to forget the revenue flow through this model. Even those companies who are not so very convienced with the email broadcast or email blast have used this legacy method and still see some success.

TDWW Advantage

  • 95% Guarantee on contacts and 98% accuracy on the other fields
  • 100% Emails verified
  • Additional contacts at no cost
  • 12 months data maintenance
  • Genuine sources
  • Expert advice on targeted list acquisition
  • Free digital marketing presence

Techdata Worldwide  is a full-fledged iMarketing (Internet Marketing) support center for small, medium and fortune companies.
We have a proven track record, servicing most of these corporations.
iMarketing enables any company’s growth through email campaigns and wireless media using top level key decision makers’ database.
Over a period of time we now stand across the globe with a staggering database of 142 million and growing.

Who We Are

Our purpose:
Our Mission is to engage and empower you with more reach to your potential clients.
Our Value:
As a global company, we are driven by our strongly guided Customer policy, Quality policy and Code of Conduct. We emphasize on our quality and your satisfaction.
Our People:
We have employed more than 100 employees around the globe with various modalities like, Market research, Data operation, Developers, Business Development, Marketing, Partner Program, Accounting, Finance, Software and Software Testing.
Our Team strives with customer centricity and is capable of accomplishing any given project with top quality.

What We Do

We understand your criteria and work with your specifications, which is unique in our industry. We work keeping your clientele in mind for you!
Our completion on any project is your final feedback. Our projects are dealt only after understanding your business and your end objective.
This also weeds out the marketing leg work for your organization and increases revenue efficiency.

Ultimately we help you in generating more leads, brand building, demand generation, lead generation, retaining your existing clients, Up selling and cross selling, increasing the lead pipeline, keeping your sales team engaged with the clients for growth in revenue.
Being able to just deliver any database based on your business need and customize them for your benefit and objective is our prime motive.

Corporate Profile

Our success runs by offering all our clients a cutting edge solution for all their marketing needs with more than 12 years of experience. Our organization started with 2 employees and has rapidly grown to a 100 plus employed company.
We are spread across the globe and are able to undertake any outsourcing projects. Our LCC would be able to help you get the best pricing with top quality projects with a hassle-free delightful experience.

Next Steps…

So what next, give us a call +44 1223 91 1439 and we will discuss the plan step by step without much investment.